F1 F1F! 3月中才增資3千萬磅, 又追加了1千萬, 其他的(賽車數, 隊, 等) 增加, 令人寡目相看! (CNN) -- Formula One 燒烤is poised to become a 26-car championship next season for which a £40million ($ 59m ) budget cap has been 個人信貸imposed. Following Wednesday's meeting of the World Motor Sports Council in Paris , it was agreed the 烤肉食材maximum number of cars permitted to enter would be increased to 26, two for each team. After announcing a £九份民宿30 million ($ 44m ) cap in mid-March, the WMSC has now increased that figure by a further £10 million, with 裝潢the formation of a new costs commission to police the regulation. The sport has not seen 26 cars on the grid 土地買賣for 15 years, with the budget cap designed to encourage new entrants. The World Council, spearheaded by FIA 整合負債president Max Mosley and F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, feel, by raising the bar, it will not deter 術後面膜prospective new teams from signing up. The additional £10million also allows the current teams a further 居酒屋degree of leeway, although they may still feel it does not go far enough. 酒店兼職http://edition.cnn.com/2009/SPORT/04/30/f1.expansion/index.html


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